Our Mission


Views From 3B is a platform created by Bernard Benjie Paraiso to inspire this generation and the ones to follow to become First Class versions of themselves. One of the core tenants of the show is that, “There are as many paths as there are travelers.

Our audio podcast, video shows, live events, workshops, courses, classes, and mastermind groups are all designed to help accelerate the learning process and connect our community with like minded individuals and fellow travelers on similar paths.

We’re confident that every episode, event, and piece of creative content will hold within it at least one idea, tool, tip, insight, or story that will help change your life for the better. Safe travels and enjoy your flight!

The Idea

The Idea

The Flight Plan

The Flight Plan

The Host

About Bernard Benjie

About Bernard Benjie Paraiso

Bernard Benjie Paraiso is an Entrepreneur, Artist, and Philanthropist on a mission to inspire. By trade, he’s a Digital Marketing Strategist with ownership and stake in multiple Digital Marketing Ventures and Projects including: DentroLux, Call Samurai, Spherio360, Limitless Link, Views From 3B Media while also consulting a variety of companies, organizations, and ventures nationwide. He’s been featured in publications such as Entrepreneur.com , has spoken at events and has been featured on numerous podcasts. He’s also a contributing writer to an an Amazon Bestselling Book and his been in several TV spots as well. His primary artistic medium is Digital Media, writing, and performing arts. His philanthropic efforts include this platform- Views From 3B, speaking engagements and live training in under-served communities especially with the youth, and joining in the efforts of the church he’s an active part of wherever he is in the world (Iglesia Ni Cristo- Church of Christ).